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baby shower games

Guess Whats in the Diaper?

Your guest have to use

their senses to guess

whats in the diaper. 

Whoever guess correct

wins the prize.  Some

suggested diaper ideas might be pudding,chocolate, and maybe ginger ale put in diapers.

Make A Baby

This game will allow your guests to get real creative and make a baby out of playdoh or legos.  The most creative baby creator wins a prize.

Guess Whats in the Bag?

You will create a copy of paper goodie bags with baby items inside and your guest will have to use their fingers to figure out what is inside of the bags.  Some suggested ideas are bottle nipples, toy rattlers, bibs, and maybe a baby toy.

Measure the Baby

Each guess cuts off a piece of string or yard that they are going to wrap around the mother to be stomach.  The person that comes closest to the exact measurement of the mothers stomach wins a prize.

Feed Daddy

You will need 10-20 people to play this game.  You must have a even amount of guests.   Have all the guests line up togather.  Then have each guest partner up with the person next to them to form couples.  One guest takes on the role of the mother and the other guest becomes the father.  Hand out a baby bib to the fathers and a blind fold to the mothers.  Have the guests put on the bibs and blindfolds.  Hand out a small cup of baby food to each couple and we are ready to start.  Each mother then must feed the baby food to the father.  First couple to finish wins the game.

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